The Crow

(Eric Draven)
Val Char Base Cost Pts. Roll Notes
23 STR 10 ×1 13 14- 600 kg; 5d6
28 DEX 10 ×3 54 15- OCV: 9 / DCV: 9
23 CON 10 ×2 26 14-
23 BODY 10 ×2 26 14-
18 INT 10 ×1 8 13- PER Roll: 13-
23 EGO 10 ×2 26 14- ECV: 8
23 PRE 10 ×1 26 14- PRE Attack: 5d6
14 COM 10 ×½ 2 12-
10 PD (STR/5) 5 ×1 5 Total: 10 PD / 10 rPD
10 ED (CON/5) 5 ×1 5 Total: 10 ED / 10 rED
5 SPD (1+DEX/10) 3.8 ×10 12 Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
15 REC (STR/5+CON/5) 10 ×2 10
60 END (CON×2) 46 ×½ 7
60 STUN (BODY+STR/2+CON/2) 47 ×1 13
Total 233


Pts. Power/Talent/Skill/Perk Roll
Returned Dead Powers
12 Feel Memories – Clairsentience, retrocognition, normal sight and hearing, expendable OAF – various object or person tied to a specific memory (-1¼), no conscious control (-2) [5]
67 Healing – Regeneration 10 BODY, 0 END (+½), persistent (+½), self only (-½) extra time – 1 turn (-1¼), IIF – crow (-¼)
8 Tough Body – PD and ED are Resistant, IIF – crow (-¼)
68 See through the Crow’s Eyes – Clairsentience, normal sight and hearing, ×2048 range, IIF – crow (-¼) [9]
35 Catch Knives – Missile Reflection, thrown objects, reflection back at attacker
10 Catch Knives – +5 OCV w/Missile Deflection
23 Running – +9″ Running (15″ total), ×2 noncombat velocity [3]
10 Leaping – +5″ Leaping, ×2 noncombat velocity [1]
Combat Skills
36 Martial Arts – Jeet Kune Do, +2 DC (already figured in)

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes
Offensive Strike 7 10 11d6
Martial Strike 9 11 9d6
Defensive Strike 10 12 7d6
Legsweep 11 8 8d6, opponent falls
Martial Throw 9 10 7d6 + v/5, opponent falls
Martial Block 11 11 block, abort
Martial Dodge 9 14 dodge vs. all attacks, abort
20 +4 CSLs w/Hand-to-Hand Combat
2 Weapon Familiarity: Street Weapons
2 Weapon Familiarity: Common Melee Weapons
2 Weapon Familiarity: Small Arms
Background Skills
3 Acrobatics 15-
3 Breakfall 15-
1 Acting 8-
1 Concealment 8-
1 Disguise 8-
3 Interrogation 14-
3 Persuasion 14-
3 Shadowing 13-
3 Stealth 15-
5 PS: Rock Star 14-
321 Skill Total
233 Char Cost
554 Grand Total


Disadvantage Pts.
DNPC – Sarah (incompetent, 11-) 20
Distinctive Features – Goth Clown from Hell (not concealable, extreme) 25
Psychological Limitation – Exists only for Vengeance (common, total) 20
Social Limitation – Secret ID (11-, major) 15
Total 80


“People once believed that when someone dies a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it, and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.”


Eric Draven, a.k.a The Crow, is the main character of the movie of the same title, which in turn is based on a comic by James O’Barr. There are several more comic-books and three more movies (The Crow: City of Angels, The Crow: Salvation and The Crow: Wicked Prayer) which deal with different crow-avatars. In addition, there is a TV series (The Crow: Stairway to Heaven) which continues where the movie stopped, but is not used in this write-up.
Eric Draven thought he had it all. He was young, he was the star of his own band called The Hanging Man’s Joke, and he was engaged to marry the love of his life, the beautiful Shelly Webster. They were supposed to get married on Halloween, but on the night before their wedding (dubbed Devil’s Night due to the plague of arson running loose on the city), Shelly was attacked and raped and he was thrown out of their sixth-story apartment window. Thirty painful hours later, she died too.
Exactly one year later, lead by a crow, Eric Draven returned from the land of the dead to exert vengeance on those who had wronged him.

By watching the movie it is not clear how much Eric is still Eric Draven and how much of him is The Crow – the dark avenger returned from the dead who exists for the sole purpose of setting the wrong things right.

Eric is a man of moderate height and build. He dresses in pitch black, with leather pants and a skin-tight long shirt. He tops off the look with a black trench-coat he took from Tin-Tin after killing him. His face is painted white and his eyes and lips are highlighted in black, which gives him a sort of a “goth clown out of hell” look.

Eric is already dead, which makes him awfully hard to kill. He heals any damage done to him almost immediately (in one scene in the movie he taunts Fun-Boy to shoot his hand and holds it up to his face as the bullet wound closes before Fun-Boy’s amazed eyes).
His physique is perfect and he is extremely strong and lighting fast, much more than a normal human. In the movie, he is seen getting from one place to another by running and jumping on the roof-tops. He is a master fighter and is unmatched in hand-to-hand combat (I wrote this up as Jeet Kune Do, since Brandon Lee played The Crow in the movie).
Eric can sense memories which hold some importance to him when he touches someone or even something that was present in that event. These visions are always emotionally charged and usually violent.
Most of Eric’s powers are tied to the crow that leads him onwards in his quest. At the end of the movie, when the crow is shot, Eric looses his ability to heal, and becomes almost human.

OK, I wrote up Eric Draven. Does anyone want to write up the dozen other Crows James O’Barr came up with?