Faraday’s Laws

Divine Right, for those of you who don’t know it, was a comic book by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. It takes place in the Wildstorm Universe, and was originally published by Image Comics, and is now owned by DC Comics. It tells the story of a normal guy called Max Faraday struggling through college and his part-time job, until he accidentally downloads a file known as the Creation Equation from the internet, which just happens to be the key to the universe. This Equation completely changes his life when it grants him god-like powers. Now, Max must not only struggle against the various powers who wish to take The Creation Equation for themselves, but also to preserve his humanity, despite his god-like powers.

One of the neatest things Divine Right had to offer (besides beautiful graphics and a sound story-line), where “Faraday’s Laws” – a set of rules, phrases and so-called words of wisdom Max would quote (or make up, more probably) as he went along. I have attempted to collect them all here, for your amusement. If you know a rule I’ve missed, please let me know

(unnumbered) “The past is the past.” (from Divine Right #10
1. “Don’t Screw with Max!” (from Divine Right #7
2. “Yes. Because I said so.” (from Divine Right / Gen13: Divine Intervention
5. “Anyone that ain’t helping us is in the way.” (from Divine Right #8
6. “Woulda, coulda, shoulda!” (from Divine Right #9
7. “Any job worth doing is a job you’re not as likely to muck up big time.” (from Divine Right #10
9. “If wishes were fishes, no one would ever go hungry.” (from Divine Right #8
11. “Shit happens.” (from Divine Right #2
13. “Always plan ahead.” (from Divine Right / Wild C.A.T.S: Divine Intervention
15. “Fifteen minutes or it’s free!” (from Divine Right / Wild C.A.T.S: Divine Intervention
22. “Thinketh always bringeth trouble.” (from Divine Right #4
29. “If ya ain’t dying, ya ain’t trying.” (from Divine Right #1
33 1/3. “gotcha’ nose!” (from Divine Right #11
38. “Inherit the Wind? Buy It – Don’t Rent It!” (from Divine Right #7
43. “Losers walk.” (from Divine Right #1
53. “Men in the sack, sleep on your back.” (from Divine Right #5
71. “When in doubt, get the hell out!” (from Divine Right #3
99. “Every girl looks good in the dark.” (from Divine Right #6
101. “You’ve been a terrific audience. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.
And I’m really concerned, so when you get home, call – let it ring twice, and hang up – just so I know you’re okay.”
(from Divine Right #12