Best Rich Lore Video Games

As an educational tool, video games become challenges for students. Overcoming them requires ingenuity, creativity, and skill, and this implies acquiring new learning skills. Perhaps in the not too distant future, the children will no longer come home with the intention of completing the task, but with the mission of overcoming a level of video game that will help them to achieve the same job, but in a more entertaining and didactic way, that will encourage them to learn more.

With video games, students are motivated to solve problems in a playful and attractive environment, which involves a new experience to acquire knowledge. This is the Top 5 games educational do you have to know:

  1. Famous for its virtual environment and multiple options that allow teachers to present educational challenges to their students. It is considered the number one game by the international community. It is notable for promoting the development of learning skills as a team or individually.
  2. It is considered one of the best educational video games for its high historical and cultural content on the development of humanity. It is a strategy game that is based on the conquest of territories according to the selected period (Middle Ages, modern and contemporary). The game has the option to review historical literature as a help to advance strategies and continue the game.
  3. Dragon Box. They are designed to study algebra. It presents the student with a fun way to solve equations and mathematical logic through figures and characters that interact with algebraic operations.
  4. Project Kokori. It is recommended for biology students. It consists of piloting a small ship which is introduced into the cells of living beings to study their morphology and physiology. The difficulty of the game increases according to the degree of study in which it is applied.
  5. Simple Machines. Designed by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The game is to help a small robot put together the pieces needed to build a machine. The challenge is that to collect the pieces, basic concepts of physics must be solved. While the pieces are being collected, the game teaches you theoretical and practical concepts of Applied Physics.

Concepts such as educational video games, educational video games, gamification are not yet very present in the ideology of society. Today, video games and players are more linked to negative connotations such as violent behavior, aggression, impulsive behavior, reduced sociability.

There is one facet that is wasted and is gradually being implemented in both the classrooms and the various education professionals, which has to do with the educational, creative, and skill development value of video games.

The new trends highlight the benefits to the educational world of video games, be it educational games for primary school children, educational games in English for adults or a new aspect that is gaining a lot of acceptance that consists of teaching history through video games. All these factors have motivated me to write this post in which I intend to name some of the best educational video games for children, adults, or anyone interested in learning any subject.