The Ogmios Project

The Ogmios Project

The Ogmios Project
Image byEugeny AndreevWelcome traveler.
I am Ogmios, patron of scholars. In my domain, you will find all the knowledge your soul desired.
Is this your first visit to my halls? I suggest you take the guided tour to help you get your bearings right.
If you already know where you want to go, just select the appropriate hall of knowledge:

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Jamie K. Luning
Hall of Heraldry

Find out what’s new in The Ogmios project
Schrodinger Answers
Image by
Adi Weintraub
Hall of Answers

Have a question? Fear not. Schrodinger Answers any question you might have about roleplaying, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, comics. etc…
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Michael Christensen
Hall of Scrolls

Various articles and little bits of knowledge that just didn’t fit anywhere else.


Hall of Characters

Characters galore. A collection of characters, articles on how to create them, special character projects, and more.
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Noelle Turner
Hall of Tales

An Assorted Collection of Fiction.
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Hall of Votes

Show your support by voting for The Ogmios Project on various ranking and rating sites and check out the awards The Ogmios Project has won.
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Michael A. Kachalin
Hall of Journeys

As you set off form Ogmios’ halls, allow us to guide you onwards on your travels…
About Me
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Navot Ram
Hall of Hubris

The Master of the Halls in a nutshell

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