The Hall of Characters

In a roleplaying game, many elements combine to create a good story and an enjoyable game session. A lot can be said for a good plot, the right atmosphere setting and props. But eventually, what makes or breaks a game are the characters.
In the following articles, I intend to present some characters and the circumstances that have brought them in to being. Many of these characters can be used as is, but they are mainly intended to be used for inspiration.
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The Black Project The Black Project

Explore the connection between Metallica, HERO System and odd inspiration.
Image by
Chris Achilleos
Hall of Mirrors

Various characters from film and fiction come to life, written up for The HERO System.
How to Create a Character?
Image by
Jonas Nelson
The Nursery

A collection of articles and examples on how to create a character and how to use game mechanics for creating better characters.
The Unlikely X-Men The Unlikely X-Men

The most unlikely X-Men you’ll never see in print. A team of superheroes for the Marvel Universe.