The Unlikely X-Men

It was an age of change. A new breed of man, gifted with strange and frightening powers had emerged. Many of those mutants believed they should rule the land, and that open conflict with the human majority was inevitable. Hated and feared by those they were sworn to protect, one group stood in defense of a world on the brink of a genetic civil war – The X-Men.
They failed.
Millions had died in a pointless war raged by fanatics over the minuscule differences in the genetic make-up some individuals carried in their chromosomes. But out of the ashes of Xavier’s dream rose a new generation of heroes. They never knew Professor Charles Xavier. They never knew first hand the meaning of the word peace. Yet they believed in his dream. They believed there had to be something more to life than trying to slaughter as many enemies as you could before you die.
Against all odds, they are a new band of heroes fighting for a world that has all but lost hope. They are The Unlikely X-Men.

This collection of characters is a direct offspring of the article Names in the Key of X. After writing that article, ideas just kept running around in my head, begging to be written up. The characters presented here are the result of that mindstorming. As always, I’d be happy to hear any comments or suggestions you may have. Just drop me an e-mail

Note on write-ups:
All of the Unlikely X-Men were originally built as standard 4th edition superheroes, with 100 points plus 150 points from disadvantages a couple of years ago, before the release of 5ER. They were and then converted to 5ER’s standard super-heroes (200 points plus 150 from disadvantages), with two exceptions – X-Cel, who is supposed to be much more powerful than the rest of the characters (written up as a high powered, 300 points plus 150 points of disadvantages superhero) and X-Plore who is young and inexperienced (and thus has much less points).
All in all, I’ve found that not only did the transition to 5ER smooth out a few rough edges in the write-ups, but also that the extra points allowed me, in many cases, to drop some artificial disadvantages I had to take just to reach the point total I needed for all the powers I wanted.

The Unlikely X-Men are:

  • X-Alt, a mutant with the power to increase the powers of other mutants.
  • X-Cavate, a mutant with the elemental control of Earth.
  • X-Cel, the team leader.
  • X-Pand, A mutant with the ability to change his size, and X-Tend’s brother.
  • X-Pel, a mutant with the elemental control of anti-gravity.
  • X-Plode, the bastard grandchild of Gambit.
  • X-Plore, a mutant with various enhances senses.
  • X-Port, a mutant with the ability of teleportation.
  • X-Press, a speedster and former Olympic medalist.
  • X-Quisite, an empathic mutant who is simply irresistible.
  • X-Tend – A mutant with the ability to stretch his body parts, and X-Pand’s brother.
  • X-Terior, a mutant with a metallic skin.
  • X-Tinct, a dinosaur-like mutant.
  • X-Tinguish, a mutant that can absorb heat and light, and manipulate the cold it creates.
  • X-Travaganza, a swashbuckling and flamboyant mutant.
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