(Angelo De La Terra)
Val Char Base Cost Pts. Roll Notes
13 STR 10 ×1 12- 150 kg; 3d6
13 DEX 10 ×3 12- OCV: 4 / DCV: 4
13 CON 10 ×2 12-
13 BODY 10 ×2 12-
15 INT 10 ×1 12- PER Roll: 12-
15 EGO 10 ×2 10 12- ECV: 5
15 PRE 10 ×1 12- PRE Attack: 3d6
16 COM 10 ×½ 12-
PD (STR/5) ×1 Total: 3 PD / 0 rPD
ED (CON/5) ×1 Total: 3 ED / 0 rED
SPD (1+DEX/10) 2.3 ×10 Phases: 4, 8, 12
REC (STR/5+CON/5) ×2
50 END (CON×2) 26 ×½ 12
27 STUN (BODY+STR/2+CON/2) 27 ×1
Total 66
Pts. Power/Talent/Skill/Perk Roll
Mutant Earth Control Powers
86 Earth Control Multipower – 150 points, triple END cost when not on exposed ground (-¾)
34 Ground Floating – 16″ Flight, ×4 noncombat velocity, usable as tunneling (+¼), usable as an attack (+1), only on the ground (-½) linked with
2d6 Energy Blast, continuous (+1), damage shield (+½), double knockback (+¾) linked to Flight (-½)
43 Earth Wall – 16 rPD / 16 rED Force Wall, +25″ length, opaque to Sight and Radio Sense Groups [15]
38 Earth Control – 100 STR Telekinesis, only vs. Earth or objects on the Earth (-¼) [15]
21 Quicksand – 3d6 Entangle, entangle not damageable – must use STR to escape (+1), takes no damage form attacks (+½), 256″ radius (+2½), can’t form barriers (-¼), no DEF (-1½) [15]
Special Equipment
10 X-Men CommLink – Mind Link, up to 32 people, invisible to Radio sense group (+¼), others must buy this power too (-1), OIF (-½), independent (-2)
Background Skills
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Paramedic 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
Transport FAM w/automobiles
Languages: Spanish (4, native), English (1)
AK: Buenos Aires 8-
KS: Ecology 8-
PS: Soldiers of Gaia Activist 8-
234 Skill Total
66 Char Cost
300 Grand Total
Disadvantage Pts.
Distinctive Features: Shows up on mutant-detectors (not concealable, detectable by unusual senses, extreme reaction) 15
Hunted by Argentinean Police (more powerful, NCI, 8-, limited to Argentina) 15
Hunted by Various Mutant Haters (as powerful, 14-) 20
Normal Characteristic Maxima 20
Psychological Limitation: Militant vegetarian – won’t use any product originating in animals (very common, strong) 20
Social Limitation: Secret ID (frequently, major) 15
Total 100

excavate eks’ka-vat’ -v.t.
to dig or scoop out (earth, sand, etc.)

(Random House Dictionary)

Angelo was an unremarkable child in an unremarkable middle-class family in Buenos Aires. By the time was sixteen, he had already contracted the disease so common in middle-class teenagers nowadays. No, not mutantcy. Boredom. Middle class dreams of success just didn’t thrill him anymore. Neither did local politics. Nor religion. He searched for something to put a new meaning into his life. He found the Earth.
He started volunteering for Greenpeace, but was soon fed-up with their pacifist, and often non-influential, ways. It wasn’t long before he became an active member of The Soldiers of Gaia – a militant organization that didn’t mind using terrorism to achieve their goals.
After a few months of handing out fliers and spraying graffiti on local factories, his superiors felt he was ready for some “real” work – a terrorist attack against a local lumber mil.
They broke in without any special difficulty, but unknowingly set off a silent alarm. They set up the bomb and fled out, only to be ambushed by the local police. His fellow Soldiers of Gaia started firing at them, unwilling to give up. It was then that his mutant powers of Earth Control woke-up. The Earth around him started moving to protect him. A wall erected itself to protect him from the bullets, and after he was safe, the Earth underneath the police car erupted, throwing the car, with the police officers in it, a few yards in the air. They died when the car came crashing down to the ground. The Soldiers of Gaia fled, letting the bomb destroy any evidence they left behind them.
Although Angelo believed in the cause, his did not believe in violence. He never meant for anyone to get hurt. Now, wanted for murder, he ran. He fled to America, where he was found by the Unlikely X-Men, and given the opportunity to start anew.

Angelo is a man on mission – he is going to save the Earth. Even though he saw the error of his ways with The Soldiers of Gaia, he is still fiercely devoted to his cause. Although he has learned to accept those who don’t share his views, he will still try to convince others in his views and will reprimand friends who don’t stand up to his ideals.

Angelo is a short and slim young man. His skin has a dark shade, as do his eyes and hair. He speaks with a heavy Spanish accent. He will never wear anything that originated in animals and always wears cloths of pure cotton.
As X-Cavate he wears a black and blue body suit (made out of a 100% synthetic polymer) with a bright red X on the front.

Angelo has the mutant power of Earth Control. He can make the Earth move large objects for him, turn into quicksand or even erect a wall of Earth to protect him. In order to get from place to place fast he can make the Earth create a “wave”, which he can ride on. Anyone who tries to approach him form behind or from the sides will be hit by the dirt and rubble thrown aside.
Angelo’s powers grow dramatically when in contact with exposed ground. Trying to use his powers on covered ground (like through a pavement or a road) will require thrice as much effort from Angelo, usually allowing him only a limited usage.
Angelo is still learning how to use his mutant powers properly, and using them will drain his strength quickly. When he learns to control them better (or in game terms, when he gains enough experience to pay off the triple END limitation), he will surely become one of the most powerful members in The Unlikely X-Men, and perhaps in the mutant community altogether. In combat, Angelo is a very inexperienced fighter, and as such his powers tend to be very basic. Usually he will just try to clobber the most dangerous opponent with his Earth manipulation, or when under heavy fire to erect a wall of Earth to protect himself and his friends.

The Soldiers of Gaia is a fictitious organization made up for this write-up. Any accidental connection or similarity to any existing organizations, past or present, is hereby denied.
The ground floating is bought as Flight instead of Running in order to reflect that Angelo’s normal Running isn’t added to it and to reflect the relative clumsiness of this type of movement – having a turn mode, etc.