Best Online Fantasy Games

If you like role-playing games, you should know that there are a lot of them for the Android operating system and, also, many of them allow you to share experiences with other users through the use of the Internet. Well, we show you the top 10 online games of this kind.

The times in which this type of games, called MMORPGs, it was exclusive to the personal computers a long time ago that came to an end and, therefore, it is possible to enjoy adventures in the universes mysterious or unknown with devices that use the Google operating system. With them, enjoying with friends and getting to solve missions of all kinds is possible and, besides, as you can see, there are themes for all tastes.

  1. Eternity Warriors 3

In its third installment, this title offers a lot of characters available and also places to visit. With a very marked medieval environment and, of course, with the fantasy involved, this game is of the most fun and offers control by using the touch screen very achieved. Visit dungeons, raise levels, and now with an addition of the most interesting: matches between players (PVP). Play Store link.

  1. Legion Heroes

This is a title with three-dimensional fantasy graphics that allows you to collect up to 100 different types of heroes as you advance through the created world. They must complete missions, leave alive, and offer attractive tactical combat that makes him different from other titles available. One of the most curious things is that you can generate massive battles of 45 to 45 to be one of the ten best online games. Play Store link.

  1. Arcane Legends

With an aesthetic that is very reminiscent of comics, and while including three-dimensional environments, this game already has no less than 150,000 active players. It has no cost and, again, it is a medieval fantasy that is present. The key to this title is to evolve the character you have and, at the same time, to use the best armor and weapons. It has mechanical PVE and PVP. Download link from one of the top 10 online games.

  1. Brave Trials

This is a Japanese aesthetic title that allows the user to take an imaginary world in which he must fight in real-time against evil, which can be presented in different forms such as Dragons. It allows the creation of several characters, to increase their experience and, of course, to gain skills (there are no less than 120 available). Battles are very active and fun. Play Store link.

  1. Dark Legends

If you’re not into dragons, orcs, or mythological creatures, this may be your game. It puts you in the skin of a vampire who must move forward to become more powerful than any existing one. All kinds of weapons and tools can be used for this purpose. And besides, skills need to be improved. The rivals? Werewolves, demons, etc. a very different and striking title. Download in the Play store.

  1. Ragnarok: Path of Heroes

If you like the manga and aesthetic games of the ancient Final Fantasy, this title is what you’re looking for. Perfectly adapted to touch screens, this development offers dynamic maps and lots of character types that can evolve. Also, it has a differential detail: there is a system of mercenaries of the most curious and active. The environment is based on the existence of Valkyrie gods, so you don’t have to think about finding elves or dwarfs in one of the developments that are part of the top 10 online games. Download link.

  1. Travel Online

Three-dimensional graphics, very recognizable characters (such as archers) and many active players. This is what this massive online game offers, such as “all-life” games with skill use options and many missions to perform in a fantasy world. It receives constant updates and new enemies. Also, there are seven different kinds of characters to create. Link to get it on the Play Store.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 4

This is one of the highest visual quality titles we recommend, and Gameloft is responsible for it. As far as the subject is concerned, there are no great novelties: dungeons, different classes, skills for improvement, etc. But, the truth is that the missions are very absorbent and the constant action in an isometric view. Download this game here.

  1. Kingdoms at War

Here what you must do is lead armies that you must increase in quantity and improve their abilities. They have in the use of the turns their differential detail since it gives a strategic component to the battles much to thank and different. You can create different clans in the game while defending your kingdom from other players. By the way, there are also magic, monsters, and many updates. It is a different development among the top 10 online games chosen. Download on Play Store.

  1. Order & Chaos Online

This is a title with decent graphics and option to play front and with other users. There are five races available for use in a fantasy universe that has nothing to do with orcs or Minotaurs. It offers a great ability to interact with other players and, the key is to get your clan to be the most powerful in the whole game. You can download it at this link.