The Black Project

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What is the so-called Black Album?
It is Metallica’s sixth album, officially named “Metallica”.

What is HERO System?
HERO System is a generic set of roleplaying rules, aimed at giving the GM tools to create any kind of campaign setting he’d like.

What is the Black Project?
For me, the first time I heard The Black Album is also the first time I understood that some music wasn’t made for being heard, it was made for being listened to. Some music is more than the sum of notes that make it up – it is the sum of the thoughts, the emotions, and the feelings that brought it into being. It is the sum of the thoughts, emotions and sparks of inspiration it induces in those who listen to it. This project is supposed to demonstrate that.
HERO System is the perfect roleplaying toolkit. The first time I encountered it was the first time I understood I can use the game’s mechanics to help create the story I wanted, instead of having to wrestle against them. In fact, I can divide my roleplaying life into two parts – before I knew HERO System, and after. This project is supposed to demonstrate that, too.
Each character in this project is based on a different song in the album, showcasing HERO System’s versatility and depth.

Is it legal?
All song lyrics are copyright © to Metallica. The names Metallica and The Black Album are registered trademarks ™ of Metallica.
HERO System, Fantasy HERO, Star HERO, Cyber HERO, Champions and Dark Champions and all associated names are Copyright © and Trademark ™ of HERO Games