The Nursery

A Collection of Examples on Character Creation

The most common questions that I get (both from the “Schrodinger Answers” column and from people I know offline) are questions about character creation. How to create a good question, how to get inspired, how to combine a good story line with a the game mechanics, etc., etc. etc.
I’ve tried to sit myself down and write an article answering all these questions, but time after time I came over the same difficulties. First of all, the sheer scope of the issue. I could probably write the same amount of words I have written in the entire Ogmios Project altogether just about character creation. Second, even more than in other aspects of roleplaying, there are no rights and wrongs – it’s simply a matter of style. And third, creating characters is simply an art form. I found that I simply couldn’t explain what I do without doing it.
So, instead, I decided to write this series of articles, and walk the readers through the characters I create. I hope you enjoy it.
I’d be glad to head any comments, suggestions, or whatever you might have. Just drop me an e-mail.

The characters I’ve put up here so far are: