Roland McLeod’s Character Creation

Roland McLeod Character Creation

Basic Concept

In this article, I’ll attempt to do something different. I came up with only the very basic concept and I’ll show how to use Mutant Chronicles’ roll-based character creation system for mind storming.
Roland was an honored Blood Barrette for imperial, until he was injured in a clash with the Dark Legion on Mars and lost his eyes. He was recruited by Cybertronic who offered to replace his eyes and was assigned to the cartel to be a Doomtrooper, as part of Cybertronic’s attempt to gain recognition with the other corporations.

Choosing an Archetype and Making the First Rolls

Naturally, Roland’s archetype will be a Doomtrooper. I decide that he is more of a firearm’s expert than a close combat one, and I decide he should specialize in rifles. Naturally, I record this on his character sheet. I roll Roland’s Basic Capabilities and get the following results – STR 17, COR 17, MST 15, PHY 17, INT 13, PER 14. I trade two points of INT in order to get one point of COR. Next, I roll Roland’s Social Standing and get a 5.


First, I record Roland’s Basic Skill Value. Looking at the chart, he should get 6 for all the skills based on his STR, COR or PHY, 5 for those based on MST and 4 for all the rest.
Roland has an INT of 11, which allows him to make 6 free skill picks. He makes two picks each in Avoid and Perception, and one each in Handguns and Rifles. Now I make three rolls on the Adolescence Table and get the results 31, 15 and 25. This means Roland has a natural slender body and charismatic voice, and he comes from a business family. I record these modifications (+1 to Movement Skills, +2 to Communication Skills and +2 to PER), and decide it’s a shame to waste such a good start and opt to attend business school as the business family background allows me. I pick Dealing and Social for my Communications picks, Weapon Systems for my Technical pick, and Avoid and Perception (one each) for my free picks. I deduct one from his PER and one from his Social Standing (1d4 will always be lower than 5).


Keeping our concept in mind, Roland would want to start out at the age of 18 at the military academy. I pick Melee Weapons, Rifles, Agility, Avoid and Perception. I roll 3 on my Social Standing roll and decrease Roland’s Social Standing by one, to a total of 3. I roll an 18 and 19 on the Special Events table. This means that Roland really worked his ass off during military academy. I pick Stealth, Climb and Rifles from these classes. Roland is now eligible for the Officer background.
Rolling 12, Roland gets an Officer’s position with the Blood Berets. I pick Melee Weapons twice (using one of my free picks), Parrying (the other free pick), Handguns twice, Administration, Ground Vehicles and Weapon Systems. Getting a 5 on my Social Standing roll I raise Roland’s Social Standing by one (4 total) and I add one to his PER. On the Special Events Table I roll 21 and 25. I adjust Roland’s PER and record his good immune system. Roland decides to stay in the military for another repetition. This time I pick Thrown Weapons, Light Automatics twice, Heavy Automatics twice (using up my free picks), Interrogation, Flying Vehicles, Chemistry. Rolling 7, I increase his Social Standing by 1. As usual, his PER is also increased by 1. I roll 21 on the Special Event Table and increase Roland’s STR by 1. I roll again and get a 2! Roland is injured severely in a clash with some Necromutants, and I decide that he is blinded. He will have to stay unemployed for one background repetition.
For his unemployment years, I pick Avoid, Perception, Shoulder Launched and Grenade Launchers. I reduce his PER and Social Standing by two each. On the Special Events table I roll 20 again (Roland obviously has lots of interesting stories) and 23 – an opportunity of a lifetime! Roland makes his PER roll and is hired as an officer in for Cybersecurity.
As an officer at Cybersecurity, I pick Wrestling, Heavy Automatics, Light Automatics, Conning, Stealth, Electronics and Social twice (for my free picks). I roll 7 and raise Roland’s Social Standing, and of course, his PER. Roland has already reached the age of 28, so I deduct one form his PHY and add one to his INT. On the Special Events table I roll 26, which forces me to re-roll, but finally I get 23 and 24, adjusting his PHY and COR accordingly.
With Roland’s concept still in mind, I make the PER roll and get accepted as a Doomtrooper. I pick Rifles twice, Light Automatics, Heavy Automatics, Brawling, Agility, Medicine, Avoid and Perception twice. I roll 11, increasing his Social Standing and modify his PER by two. On the Special Events table I roll 38 (yes, being a Doomtrooper is definitely a promotion) and a 24. I record all the necessary changes.
That’s it. Roland had one repetition in the Doomtrooper background, and now, at the age of 32, he qualifies with his archetype’s demands and is ready to start adventuring. He’s been through the Officer background three times (twice with the Blood Barrettes and once in Cybersecurity), which earns in a title of Second Lieutenant (res.).

Finishing Touches

Now I calculate Roland’s Combat Statistics and I get 3 SQR/ACT (disabled, remember?), 225 M/Min, +2 OB, 4 Actions/Round, +5 DB, +4 PB +5 IB and 32 BP.
Now all we need to do is but some equipment, and put down Roland’s background and personality nicely. When you read through background, take notice how the events we rolled in the above section appear there.
I don’t own the Cybertronic source book and I have no idea how cybernetics work in Mutant Chronicles, so I just decided that for 100,000 Crowns (from the disabled event Roland rolled earlier) he could replace his destroyed eyes with the equivalent of good Night Goggles including IR vision, range finder and binoculars built in. If anyone wants to tell me something else, just write me an e-mail
All you have left to do is to check out the final result