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Alice Liddell | The Ogmios Project

Alice Liddell

Name Alice Liddell Nature Child Tradition Hollow Ones
Player Ogmios Essence Dynamic Mentor Charles Dodgson
Chronicle Wonderland Demeanor Deviant Cabal

Dexterity •••
Stamina ••
Charisma •••
Manipulation Devious ••••
Appearance •••
Perception •••
Intelligence ••
Wits •••

Awareness •••
Expression •••
Intuition •••
Subterfuge •••
Research ••
Stealth ••
Cosmology ••
Culture ••
Occult ••

Correspondence ••
Entropy ••
Mind ••
Time ••

Arcane •••
Avatar ••
Dream ••

Arete •
Willpower •••••
Avatar The Cheshire Cat, from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

Alice Liddell always seemed to be a somewhat strange girl. She never quite felt as though she belonged in this world. She never quite got on with the other kids, and preferred to disappear inside the pages of a book. Her parents, all wrapped up in their middle class suburban lives just never seemed to notice. For them, having a child was just another tick on their to-do list.
Sometimes, she would play make-believe, portraying herself as the heroines of her books. In her imagination, she would follow talking rabbits down their holes, she would meet strange and magical beings, she would attend demented tea parties and talk to semi invisible cats.
Slowly and steadily, these games she played started crossing over into her so-called real life. She would hear voices that no one else heard, see sights no one else saw. When she confined to her parents, they thought she was either mad or just trying to get their attention. They sent her to a psychologist. The only problem was, she wasn’t mad. The voices she heard and the sights she saw were real. No Sleeper could see or hear them, but they were there.
Alice started exploring these events, trying to understand what was going on with her. She turned to the occult, adopting modern day goth antics and practices. Slowly, she started drifting away from the few friends she had, who began regarding her as a freak, a mental case. On the other hand, she began striking up relationships with other so-called freaks living on the edges of society. Most notable of these is Charles Dodgson (two brownie-points to anyone who knows where this name comes from :-)), a known drug dealer that used to hang out on the street corner next to her school. Everyone knew what he was doing, but somehow the police could never gather enough evidence on him to lock him up. One night she took some of his special brew, and for the first time saw her visions clearly. She walked through Wonderland led by a cat’s smile, and Awakened.

Alice may seem to be a social deviant, breaking rules just because someone went to the trouble of making them, but that would be a superficial observation only. In fact, Alice is shouting out with all her might for attention, without being aware of it.
Alice has few people she trusts, and even fewer friends. Most people can not, or will not, see past her dark clothes and black makeup. But those who can, will find a good friend who will always be there for them, no matter what.

Alice is still a young girl, just recently turned sixteen. She has a short and slender graceful body. As noted earlier, Alice follows modern day goth antics and puts pale makeup on her face and pitch black or blood red lipstick on her lips. Her eyes are a pale blue, and are usually surrounded by lots of black eyeliner which only makes them seems paler. She dresses in a variety of black clothes. She has a tattoo of The Cheshire Cat on the back of her left shoulder.
Putting her looks a side, the most noticeable feature about Alice is her voice. Deep and alluring, yet mysteriously childish, she is almost like a siren, able to convince almost anyone to do almost anything.
That being said, Alice is a loner. Years of being ostracized have taught Alice to avoid attention, and despite her unusual looks, she has an uncanny ability to go unnoticed.

Foci and Style:
Alice’s magic is mostly unconscious, or invoked by semi-occult rituals and superstitions.
Correspondence – Various hallucinogenic drugs that can “open the mind to perceive things”. More often that not, her mentor Charles is the source for these drugs.
Entropy – Too control the very forces of life and death, to alter fate and fortune requires the greatest sacrifices of it all – her own blood, usually accompanied by lots of chanting and ritual prayers to long forgotten deities.
Mind – Alice was always good at understanding what people actually meant and didn’t say to her, and how to manipulate them to do things she wanted. In recent years, she has studied some psychology and employs a host of various psychological tricks to work her magic.
Time – Alice does not fully control her visions of the future and the past, and they usually come to her irregularly while she is dreaming.