Jon Hunter

Name Jon Hunter Nature Architect Generation 13th
Player Ogmios Demeanor Director Haven Apartment
Chronicle Blood Will Follow Blood Clan Gangrel Concept Programmer

Strength •••
Dexterity •••
Stamina ••
Manipulation ••
Appearance •••
Perception •••
Intelligence Brilliant •••••
Wits ••

Intimidation ••
Leadership ••
Subterfuge ••
Animal Ken
Drive ••
Repair ••
Bureaucracy ••
Computer Computer Security •••••
Finance ••
Law ••
Politics ••
Science ••

Protean ••
Resources •••
Conscience ••••
Self Control ••
Courage ••••

Willpower •••••
Humanity ••••••••
Blood Pool •••••••

Jon Hunter had everything – he was young, he was rich, he was the founder a small and very successful startup company called Black Ice Inc. that developed computer security products, he had a relationship with Fiona, the biker-courier that delivered their mail. And in a heartbeat he lost it all.
He took Fiona for a walk in the park. Hugged together, they slowly walked down the path, talking about their future plans together. And then a rag wearing man approached them. He demanded Jon’s wallet. Jon refused. They struggled. The man drew a gun. He shot Jon through the heart and ran away, into the anonymity of the night.
Tears ran down Fiona’s face as sew did the only thing she could do to save her lover. She bent down next to him and they shared one last kiss. Her lips drifted across his face, to his neck. Her teeth stuck in his vein, as she sucked what was left of his life out of him. Her finger grew an animal like claw as she brought it to her wrist, slitting it open. She offered it to his mouth, giving him another chance at life. Another chance beyond life. Another chance at eternal damnation. And then she too fled into the anonymity of the night, unable to face the consequences of her actions.
Three months later, Jon still holds his old position, but he is finding it increasingly harder to keep it. The Gangrel blood that now flows in his veins urges him to wonder, to escape the suffocating city, to give in to his primal urges. His senses have grown extremely sharp, to the point that the brightness, noise and stench of the city actually hurt him. His temper is growing increasingly short and he is prone to outbursts of rage and anger. But nonetheless, he is alive. And he isn’t about to let anyone take it away from him.

Jon is a creator in heart. The software he creates is as much a work of art as it is a tool. And he expects the same attitude from his workers. He will accept nothing but the very best from them. They respect him for that, but his recent tantrums and outbursts have made them drift away from him a little.
The other side of Jon’s personality is the Gangrel blood that flows in his veins. The wanderlust and freedom it commands him make him increasingly impatient, and increasingly unable to handle life in the big city and the company of fellow man.

Jon is in fact quite handsome. Although he spends most of his day working in front of his computer, he never neglected his body, and always made a point of spending at least an hour a day at the gym. He is slightly taller than average (1.78m) and well built. He dresses in cloths that do not confine him, such as loosely cut pants, big shirts and flowing trench-coats, with a distinct preference to shades of black and brown.
Since his Embrace, his hair seems to grow faster, and after a while he simply gave up fighting with it. He ties his long hair in a pony tale, and lets his facial hair grow until it starts disturbing him, which means he’ll usually have a two or three day beard on him. He always wears dark sunglasses when he goes outside, to protect his sensitive eyes from the sun.

Jon has extremely sharp senses, allowing him to see, hear, smell, taste and feel things normal human wouldn’t usually notice. He can also choose to see at night, but when doing so his eyes change to gleaming red, so he relies on this ability only if he has to.
When cornered into a fight, Jon will grow wolf-like claws from his hands and use them to defend himself as well as he can. He isn’t really an accomplished combatant, but the combination of the claws and his good physique turn him to a worthy opponent to most mortal enemies.
In addition, Jon has a limited ability to travel at sun light. Even so, he prefers to move outside only at night or the late evening, when the sun is less bright.