Roland McLeod

Roland McLeod

Corporation: Cybertronic
Employer: The Cartel
Profession: Doomtrooper
Rank/Title: Second Lieutenant (res.)
Social Standing: 8

Basic Capabilities

18 17 20 12 15 23


BC SV B-SV MOD Notes Skill Picks

+3 +5 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
Missile Weapons COR
Brawling STR
Wrestling COR
Thrown Weapons COR
Melee Weapons STR 13
Parrying COR
Handguns COR 13
Rifles COR 15 Doomtrooper Bonus – unlimited picks
× × × × ×
Light Automatics STR 14
× × × ×
Heavy Automatics STR 14
× × × ×
Shoulder Launched INT
Grenade Launchers COR
Administration INT +2 charismatic voice
Oratory PER +2 charismatic voice
Dealing INT +2 charismatic voice
Social PER 11 +2 charismatic voice
Interrogation PER +2 charismatic voice
Conning PER +2 charismatic voice
Sleight of Hand COR +1 slender body
Stealth COR 10 +1 slender body
Agility COR 12 +1 slender body
Climb STR 10 +1 slender body
Flying Vehicles MST +1 slender body
Ground Vehicles COR 10 +1 slender body
Chemistry INT
Weapons Systems INT
Computers INT
Electronics INT
Medicine INT
Mechanics INT
Avoid DB 10
× × × × × ×
Perception PB
× × × × × × ×

Combat Statistics
Total BPs: 32
Movement Squares/Action: 3
Movement Meters/Minute: 225
Offensive Bonus (OB): +2
Actions/Combat Round: 4
Defensive Bonus (DB): +5
Perception Bonus (PB): +4
Initiative Bonus (IB): +5
Notes: Good immune system. +5 PHY for disease resistance rolls

Campaign: Under a Full Earth (Mutant Chronicles)

Roland McLeod was the first born son of Archie and Monica McLeod, a couple of upper-middle class business men. As such, he was groomed to inherit the family business. When he was sixteen he was enrolled in the Merchant Academy of Business, which he graduated successfully at the age of eighteen.
This was the age Roland teenage rebellion started. He decided to forsake the future his parents planned out for him, and to pursue his dream of being a Doomtrooper. He enrolled himself to the Bartholomew Academy of Warfare. After two years of working harder than he ever worked, taking as many extra classes as he could he graduated with honors and was offered a position many graduates only dream of – an officer in the famous Blood Berets.
Roland served in the Blood Barrettes for four years, leading his squad though all sorts of hell, quite literally. All until that one damned mission. They were supposed to clear out a small Dark Legion outpost, just a few undead legionnaires. Or so their intelligence reports believed. Big mistake. The place was crawling with Pretorian Stalkers and Necromutants. The rescue squad that was sent in with heavy duty artillery found his entire squad wiped out, and only Roland barely alive, injured and burnt, his eyes melted out of their sockets.
He was released from the army with a good pension, but he just couldn’t rebuild his life. To his peers, he was a coward and a traitor, having survived after his men were wiped out. Without his eye-sight, there were little jobs he could find, and even less he could keep. He spent the next two years on-and-off temporary jobs, looking for answers in the bottom of a bottle and in the pill box.
His big break came when Cybersecurity were recruiting experts to help them with their Dark Legion problems. Even though he was blind, he was the most experienced soldier that faced the Dark Legion (and lived to tell about it) on the free market. They made him a offer he couldn’t refuse – a job, money, a sense of direction in his life, and a pair of brand new cybernetic eyes.
Two years later, Cybertronic began to feel the Brotherhood’s and the Cartel’s pressure building up. They had to send a representative to the Doomtroopers. And who better than an honored Blood Barrette, one who had faced the Dark Legion before? They sent Roland.

Roland is obsessed with his work. Not only has he achieved the position of his dreams, he is also driven by an all consuming thirst for revenge for the injuries and suffering that the Dark Legion inflicted upon him.
Moreover, since the loss of his eyes, Roland has felt like only half a man, a feeling that hasn’t disappeared completely with his new eyes. Even though he lacks a lot of his confidence he had before the injury, he is driven with proving his fellow Imperials that he is worthy of the claymore he carries, his fellow Cybertronicans that he was a good pick, his fellow Doomtroopers that even though he is not entirely human he is 100% Darkness free and to himself that he still is the man he was before he lost his eyes.

Roland doesn’t look like your typical Doomtrooper. He is short (1.65m) and slender (55kg). His hair is shaved off, and his features are cold and emotionless. Despite his relatively old age (32), Roland keeps his body in an amazing shape, more often the envy of his younger comrades instead of the other way round.
Undoubtedly, the most dominant feature of his face are the pair of stainless steel metal surfaces he has instead of human eyes. He seems to be ashamed of them, and always wears polarized designer sunglasses to cover them.
When on duty, he wears the Doomtrooper combat armor, and when out of it he dresses in Cybertronic style high quality suits and a lined coat.

Roland is a Doomtrooper, a member of an elite group of warriors. Even though he is deadly in almost any form of combat, he is better trained in firearms and specializes in assault rifles.
In combat, he is fearless, almost reckless, charging into enemy lines just behind his close-combat comrades, pouring deadly fire onto the enemy.
Roland uses an assortment of weapons from all the stages of his career. His preferred weapon is still the Plasma Carabine he used to carry as an officer in the Blood Berets, although if the mission demands it he has been known to use Cybersecurity’s CAW2000’s (when a light weapon is required), or a Brotherhood issued Mephisto (if he has to act as a sniper) or Purifier (if some heavy duty action is at hand). If forced to close combat he will prefer his old Claymore. Not only for its sentimental value, but also because it has proven to be the best weapon against the creatures of the Dark Legion.
Another two points worth mentioning are Roland’s eyes and immune system. Roland’s cybernetic eyes give him IR vision, telescopic vision up to ×6 magnification, flare protection and a host of statistics displayed on the image he sees. Roland’s immune system is amazingly resistant and can usually overcome most infection and viruses.

Important Equipment:
When on a mission, Roland will wear a full combat armor and carry his old Plasma Carabine (with 4 extra clips, 2 extra plasma clips and a telescopic sight). If in a reconnaissance mission that requires special stealth, he will carry a pair CAW20000’s (with 2 extra clips each, 4 extra grenades and telescopic sights on both of them). If he is equipped as a sniper he will carry a Mephisto Sniper Rifle (with 2 extra clips, a bipod if appropriate and a telescopic sight). If heavy duty action is expected, he will carry a Purifier (with an extra chain and an extra flame-thrower charge). In any event that he carries an awkward weapon to use (the Mephisto or the Purifier), he’ll also carry one of his CAW20000’s. He always carries his Claymore.
According to the terrain expected, the Cartel will supply him with an environmental suit, a reclamation suit, a wet suit, a vac suit or rain gear. He always carries a backpack with two 1-liter canteens, a camo kit, a climbing equipment kit, a gun cleaning kit, 40 meters of nylon rope, a sleeping bag, a survival knife and a water purifying straw.
When off duty, he will wear a lined coat and a pair of polarizing designer sunglasses (to conceal his implants). He carries a pair P1000’s in matching holsters under his shoulders, and if he’s expecting trouble he adds an SA-SG72001, which he hides under his trench coat.