Painkiller Jane (Jane Vasko)

Painkiller Jane

(Jane Vasko)

Val Char Base Cost Pts. Roll Notes
15 STR 10 ×1 12- 200 kg; 3d6
23 DEX 10 ×3 39 14- OCV: 8 / DCV: 8
18 CON 10 ×2 16 13-
18 (38) BODY 10 ×2 16 13- (17-)
15 INT 10 ×1 12- PER Roll: 12-
18 EGO 10 ×2 16 13- ECV: 6
15 PRE 10 ×1 12- PRE Attack: 3d6
14 COM 10 ×½ 12-
PD (STR/5) ×1 Total: 8 PD / 0 rPD
ED (CON/5) ×1 Total: 8 ED / 0 rED
SPD (1+DEX/10) 3.3 ×10 17 Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
14 REC (STR/5+CON/5) ×2 12
50 END (CON×2) 36 ×½
70 STUN (BODY+STR/2+CON/2) 36 ×1 34
Total 182


Pts. Power/Talent/Skill/Perk Roll
Quick Healing Powers
30 Tough Body – 25% Resistant Physical and Energy Damage Reduction
20 Reviving – +20 BODY, invisible to sight (+½), only to stave off point of death (-2)
Rapid Healing – Regeneration 1 BODY, 0 END Inherit (+1¼), self only (-½), extra time – 1 minute (-1½), can’t regrow severed limbs (-½)
Combat Skills
18 Martial Arts – Classic Comic Book Style

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes
Defensive Strike 11 3d6
Martial Strike 10 5d6
Offensive Strike 7d6
Martial Escape 33 STR vs. Grabs
Weapon Familiarity – Pistols
Weapon Familiarity – Off Hand
+2 CSL w/pistols
+2 CSL w/pistols, only against hit location penalties (-1)
+1 CSL w/pistols, only against dodging (-1)
+1 CSL w/pistol, only when dodging (-1)
Undercover Detective Skills
Bureaucratics 8-
Criminology 12-
Shadowing 12-
Stealth 14-
KS: Criminal Law 11-
KS: The Criminal World 11-
Perk: Local Police Powers
Perk: Deep Cover
Background Skills
Acrobatics 14-
Breakfall 14-
Combat Driving 8-
Concealment 12-
Demolitions 8-
Disguise 8-
Interrogation 12-
Paramedic 8-
Streetwise 12-
Contact: Lt. Maureen Fernandez (useful skills, good relationship) 12-
Contact: Dr. Seth Miller (useful skills, good relationship) 12-
15 Contact: The 22 Brides (useful skills and resources, good relationship, organization) 12-
154 Skill Total
182 Char Cost
336 Grand Total


Disadvantage Pts.
Distinctive Features – bandaged, dresses in red (concealable) 10
Monitored by The Police (more powerful, NCI, 😎 10
Psychological Limitation – Addicted to Painkillers (common, moderate) 10
Psychological Limitation – Protective of Friends (common, strong) 15
Psychological Limitation – Reckless (common, strong) 15
Social Limitation – Secret ID (frequently, major) 15
Total 75

Painkiller Jane is a comic book character byEvent Comics. She stars in her own title (now relaunched byDynamite Entertainment), but has also appeared in otherEvent Comicstitles such asThe 22 BridesandAsh. She had a few published crossovers, withDrakchyldeVampirellaandHellboy
Once a cop known as Jane Vasko, she was working undercover on the Fonti case, until her cover was blown, and she was ordered dead. Somehow, the bomb planted on her didn’t kill her, it only sent her into a two-year comma. When she woke up, she found that the world had passed her by, believing she was dead. She left her old life behind, becoming the vigilante Painkiller Jane.

In layman’s terms, Painkiller Jane doesn’t really have a life, she has a job. She has very few friends and (as she puts it herself), even fewer things to live for. But for the few people and things she does care about, she’ll do anything. Jane is somewhat self destructive and will take almost any chance necessary to accomplish a mission she set her mind on or to help one of her few friends.
Jane used to be addicted to all sorts of painkillers, but she’s trying to kill that habit (pun not intended). Nowadays, she only takes aspirin, which she coughs down like a normal person would cough down peanuts.

Jane is definitely not your typical female comic-book heroine. She is of typical height and quite a slender build (in Painkiller Jane #5 one of The 22 Brides even makes fun of it – “Not that there’s too much to shoot…”).
She is always bandaged up to some degree. Her face is always bandaged across the nose under the eyes and so are her forearms, while the rest varies. She dresses in a full red outfit consisting of leather pants, a sleeveless shirt, a trench coat, round sunglasses and even (as seen in Painkiller Jane #4 where she is seen in a hospital gown) red panties.

Jane is virtually indestructible. She is very hard to kill (she survived being blown up more than once, being shot more times than she can count and being electrocuted on electric train tracks). She heals at a remarkable rate, although she doesn’t just take two deep breaths and watch her bullet wounds close before her eyes like Wolverine or The Crow. Given a day or two she could probably heal anything, perhaps except regrowing severed limbs.
On the offensive side, Jane has no powers except being amazingly tough, mastering some sort of an undefined martial art and being a master marksman (markswoman?) with her two guns.
The world Painkiller Jane operates in seems to be a dark, harsh, low-powered (virtually no-powered) Dark Champions campaign, so I didn’t make her pay for the guns. If you feel she should in order to be used in your campaign – just do it.