Links to Knowledge Sources on the Web

Links to Knowledge Sources on the Web

Knowledge Sources

Even though Ogmios is The God of Knowledge, even he cannot know everything. But it is said that the greatest virtue of all is to know what you don’t know, and to know how to find it out. Ogmios has collected here the best sources of knowledge and data throughout the web, for your use and enjoyment.The Great RPG Archive is the most extensive RPG database I could find on the web. Thousands of links to sites about any RPG, Computer RPG, CCG or board game you could imagine.

The RPG Gateway is another site packed with RPG resources. It also holds a ranking of other RPG sites on the web, rated for your convenience.

Pen and Paper
Another extensive RPG database. Contains mainly reviews and articles.

The Superhero Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia to almost any superhero or comics character you could think about.

The Encyclopedia Mythica
The Encyclopedia Mythica is the most detailed collection of information and articles about mythologies, myths, legends and fantastic creatures available on the web.

The Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
A database of SF&F writers and their books. Easy to search by author, title, series or even year of publication.

The Internet Movie Database
Although not strictly an SF&F site, it is an invaluable tool for those who seek information on movies and TV series.

The Comic Book Database
The most comprehensive source of knowledge for Comic Books on the web. Easy to search by title, publisher, creator, issue number, character names and much much more.

The Comic Page
Derek Santos’ page contains an extensive study of the history of American comics. The perfect site for those of you interested in the times of old in comics.

Old Superstitions
A huge collection of superstitions, sorted by categories and including a search engine.