Linking to The Ogmios Project

Lots of people have asked me if they can link to The Ogmios Project. The answer is of course, yes! It’s great to know that people take interest in my humble little website.
I would, however, ask you to follow a simple guideline – don’t use the banner-pictures as linked from this site within the "<img>" tag. Download the graphics to your local disc or account, and use them from there. (If you are using Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, first place the cursor above the image you want to copy. Second, if you are using a PC or UNIX-based system, click and hold down the right mouse button; on a Mac, hold down the single mouse button. A small pop-up menu will appear after a few seconds, offering you a “save as…” or “download image…” option to save a copy of the image to your local hard drive). This is done in order to avoid overloading my webserver on the one hand and to make your page load faster on the other.

Or, to make a long story short, you could simply use the following HTML code. Just download the Ogmios Project Banner and copy-and-paste the following code to your webpage:

<!-- The Ogmios Project Banner --><p align="center"><a href="/"><img border="0" alt="Visit The Ogmios Project" width="468" height="60" src="ogmios_banner.jpg"/></a></p><!-- End of The Ogmios Project Banner -->

The result would look like this:

Visit The Ogmios Project

Thanks for linking!