A Guided Tour of the Ogmios Project

A Guided Tour of The Ogmios Project

A Guided Tour of The Ogmios Project
Image by Elizabeth Keimach

Greetings traveler. Are you lost? confused? Or perhaps the Pixies have just played a trick on you and turned all the signs around? Allow me to give you a guided tour of The Ogmios Project

  • The Hall of Heraldry is where you can found out what’s new in the Ogmios Project. Many frequent visitors start their tour here to see what has changed since their last visit.
  • The Hall of Answers is where The Master of the Halls will share his knowledge and answer any question you may have, although he does get some help from his trusty feline, Schrodinger.
  • The Hall of Scrolls houses a collection of general articles and reviews written by The Master of the Halls.
  • The Hall of Characters is a collection of many different characters, intended to inspire you or even be used as-is in your roleplaying games. There are several types of characters here:
    • The Black Project – An exercise in inspiration – Ogmios demonstrated how an album (specifically, Metallica’s Black Album) can inspire a horde of different characters.
    • The Hall of Mirrors – A few HERO System write-ups of characters from film and fiction.
    • The Nursery – Several characters in various game systems along with a description of the creation process.
    • The Unlikely X-Men – A half-humorous collection of the most ridiculous X-Men you’ll never see in print in a Marvel title.
  • The Hall of Tales is a collection of my works of fiction. It includes:
  • The Hall of Votes – Come show your support for The Ogmios Project by voting for it in various RPG ranking sites.
  • The Hall of Journeys – Before you leave, take a look at The Ogmios Project’s link collection. I am sure you will find something of interest there to continue your travels too.
  • The Hall of Hubris – A bit about the man behind The Ogmios Project.